Summer activities in Fosen
Summer activities in Fosen
Winter activities in Fosen
Winter activities in Fosen

Summer activities in Fosen

Fosen offers a unique diversity of activities. Explore history, or coastal culture in modern times. Explore food made with Michelin-worthy raw materials. Experience adventurous excursions by boat, or on land, by electrical bikes, learning about art, culture, and food. The diversity of the nature enables some spectacular views. Together with our partner, Fosen Aktiv, we create tailor made experiences to your liking.


Our experienced partners will organize the ultimate fishing trip.

Visit a local farm

Fosen is a region known for its locally grown, high quality food. Book a tour to the local farms where you meet the owners, see the animals, and learn about the production. In some places you will find small shops where you can by their products directly.


Offering creative challenges for you to solve as a team, making you stronger together. 


An exiting full speed trip through the beautiful coastline of Fosen.

Diving and snorkelling

Available diving courses and diving trips with properly trained instructors.

Electrical bike rides

The region is perfect for biking. Renting an electrical bike makes it a bit easier for everyone to get around to explore the area. 

Cooking classes

Take a cooking class with a trained chef and impress your friends and family with your new skills. 

Bartender course

Learn how to make classic cocktails as well as trendy fusion drinks. 

Mountain hiking

Guided trips from fiord to mountain. 

Rock climbing

Tailor made climbing trips with experienced guides.

Salmon fishing

Åfjord is the perfect place for salmon fishing offering two beautiful rivers for fishing, Stordalselva and Nordalselva.

Bonfire night

Enjoy a bonfire by a lake or on a mountain. 

Experience Fosen at its best

Winter acitivities in Fosen

Although Fosen is most known for summer tourism, wintertime can also be very attractive. Enjoy a good meal prepared with excellent local raw materials, combined with the perfect, drink to go with it. We will happily cook something extra special for you, combined with an activity it may very well end up being an unforgettable stay. Welcome.

Ice fishing

With experienced guide.


The regions numerous mountains are perfect for cross country skiing or downhill skiing. 


Wintertime is the perfect season for catching the best tasting fish.

Winter diving

Explore shipwrecks, corals or food collecting. 


Enjoy the hotels sauna by the riverside. If you are though enough for a winter dip in the river it will make you feel like a true Viking!


Offering creative challenges for you to solve as a team, making you stronger together. 

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