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Extraordinary Tastes
Tasteful Desserts

Fosen Fjordhotels menu

Our kitchen is run by excellent chefs, along with their expertise with Norwegian food, they are widely experienced through working in international kitchens. We offer a selection of food, from international cuisine to traditional food, mostly made by fresh products purchased from our local partners. You made also enjoy one of our taste menus. 

To retters Meny

Fosen er et av Norges beste matskattekammer.

Tre retters Meny

De beste råvarene og hjemmelagde dessertfristelser med skreddersydde løsninger.

Fire retters Meny

Både mat fra alle kontinenter og kortreise råvarer. 

Julebords Meny

Tradisjonell hjemmelaget julemat. 

Locally produced food

The region Fosen is a treasury when it comes to locally produced and grown food. 

Tasteful desserts

All our delicious desserts are homemade.


A tasty lunch menu is offered daily.


The seafood dishes are made by the freshest raw materials. 

The Christmas parties

Taste the traditional Norwegian Christmas food.

Tasting menus

Made with food from all continents.

Conferences or catering

Perfectly adapted menus to your liking.

Traditional food

Made with the best local raw materials.

A taste of Norway

Fosen Fjord Hotel is located in the heart of Åfjord. It is a natural meeting point for travellers and locals. When it comes to comfort, food and drinks, service and experiences, all the staff constantly work together to keep a high standard. We take pride in working closely with local food producers, who deliver locally produced raw materials to a Michelin-worthy standard. Amongst them you will find Norgeskjell, Humstad Gård, Reins kloster, Solvang gård og Harbak gård. With true passion for cooking, our chefs make delicious food!

Traditional Norwegian food
with a modern twist

The Restaurant

No occasion is too small or too big to enjoy a delicious meal.

Traditional Norwegian food
with a modern twist

Fire up the atmosphere

Fosen has an enormous selection of food to offer. Did you know that the seafood is at its best in the wintertime? We offer the best dishes, no matter if you want to sit inside in our cosy and warm environment, as if you want to eat outside breathing in the fresh air.